Heavy Vehicle Certification



We certify all types of heavy vehicle modifications. Our process involves 3 simple steps: inspection, analysis and certification.

1 - Inspection

    • Visiting time arranged
    • Inspection performed:
      • Assessing the vehicle modification or COF failure,
      • Measuring vehicle & or relevant sections,
      • Taking photos/sketches for documentation.

2 - Analysis

    • Relevant sections of standards, approved codes of practices & best industry practices are noted to ensure modifications are performed within appropriate boundaries.
    • Required calculations are performed via a number of various techniques including: standard spreadsheets, engineering calculations, finite element analysis/CAD analysis, etc.

3 - Certification

    • If analyses show that the modified unit/section will pass then an NZTA approved certification can be given;
    • Appropriate forms are given and if necessary a Tasman SV plate is attached to the vehicle.
    • In the case where the modification or COF issue is not suitable for New Zealand roads, client will be advised of required changes. After these changes have been implemented Tasman SV is able to issue a certification which will deem the vehicle suitable for New Zealand roads. 
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